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The Group of Mechanical Engineering in the Graduate School of Engineering (Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Department of Finemechanics, Department of Robotics, and Department of Aerospace Engineering) is committed to creative and interdisciplinary basic research traversing different fields of specialization, such as intelligent and computerized machines, micro/nano machine systems, aerospace engineering, and bioengineering and robotics, as well as the basic education for specialists based on the research, in the aim to open the frontiers, based on the foundations of mechanical engineering, such as mechanical science, design, and manufacturing.

Mathmatical Modeling and Computation / Computer Architecture / Image AnalysisIntelligent Control Systems / Human-Robot InformaticsUltra-High-Speed Information Processing Algorithms / Multiphase Flow Energy / Computational Fluid Physics

The main themes of this department are cutting-edge robotic engineering and research into ultra-high speed information processing for real phenomenon. We provide a high-level of specialized education in order to foster students who will transcend the field of mechanical engineering to become world-leading, interdisciplinary professionals.

Distributed Energy System / Energy Resources Geomechanics

This department is developing highly specialized research in order to resolve the largest issues facing humans in the 21st century: the problems of environment and energy. To achieve this, we strive to foster excellent students who have wide-ranging collective strengths, and conduct research and education on environmental science as an integrated science.

Bio-Medical Interface Fabrication / Bological Flow Studies / Nanodevice Engineering / Medical Nanosystem Engineering / Wet Device Engineering / Medical Welfare Engineering / Life Support Engineering / Integrated Biomedical Simulation / Biomedical Fluid System

This department strives to realize an affluent society based on a broad perspective on and deep knowledge of the integrated fields of medicine and engineering. The department provides a high-level of specialized education in order to foster students who can think for themselves, pursue research, and have the creativity and advanced research skills needed to develop and solidify science and technology within the areas of health and welfare.