Visitors from Polytechnique Montréal, Canada

A delegate of 22 seniors and one professor from Polytechnique Montréal, Canada visited us on May 16, as one stop of their 20-day trip of “Polymonde Japan 2019”. All members were the 1st time to visit Japan. They did very detailed investigation in advance to make their visit plan. One of fields that they are interested is the Japanese robot industry and they found the Division of Mechanical Engineering in Tohoku University takes a leading role in the research of robotics, they contacted us then. The Department of Robotics and Department of Aerospace Engineering received this delegation. We arranged two lectures given by Prof. Yoshida and Prof. Weng, and the tour to labs of Yoshida, Kosuge, Hirata and Tadokoro. All the visitors were very happy and enjoyed their experience in Aobayama. We have received very kind feedback from the professor accompanying the students group, “it was the best University visit they have had and that the students commented very positively about their experience at TU and in Sendai.”