Congratulations from Head of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


I’d like to congratulate you all the graduates from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and all got your master’s degree or doctoral degree of the Departments of Mechanical Engineering from Tohoku University.

I was supposed to hand the certificate of graduation over to you individually, but It is greatly regrettable that the graduation ceremony was canceled to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) .

You’ve spent more than four years from your late teenage to your mid-twenties in a place ”University” for your life, where free from social responsibility and conflict as a college student.

This period is very important for you in forming your views and values.

You have had many experiences not only education and research in a particular field. Through a lot of learning and experience, you will find your own way of thinking and values are being created. That is your “origin of intelligence”. That is just the meaning of learning in university.

Your life is about to step up to the next stage.
You will leave Sendai, leave the university, and go far away to the world.

It may not always be a smooth sailing time.
Sometimes you may get lost. However, If only you don’t lose the “origin of intelligence”, you can go back and start over again. You can also choose the path you want to take in your life.

I would like to express my congratulations again to all of you who graduate this memorial year as we are celebrating the centennial of the establishment of the School of Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Please remember that you don’t forget to be grateful to all the people who always support you, with what you’ve learned in Tohoku University, and spread your wings in the world.

Head of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Prof. Dr. Hiroo Yugami