Educational Policy/Diploma Policy of the Division of Mechanical Engineering

At the Division of Mechanical Engineering at Tohoku University, graduation requirements shall be to study at the University for 4 years or longer and acquire the prescribed number of credits or more that follow the educational purposes and goals as laid out by the Division of Mechanical Engineering and Tohoku University. Students who pass various thesis defenses for degree review and a final test, and also match, or surpass, the guidelines listed below will receive a degree.
1) Having a strong sense of ethics and responsibility
2) Having shown specialized knowledge and ability in Mechanical Science and Mechanical Technology
3) Having interaction with diverse specialized fields of engineers and scientists in the world and actively seek to create and develop new technology based on new knowledge synthesized from a wide range of fields
4) Having a cooperative and expressive attitude, as well as the ability to have discussions and negotiations
5) Having the ability to write and publish a thesis for a degree; as well as write academic essays based on original research results and maintain a global perspective.

Curriculum of four Departments of Mechanical Engineering