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Welcome to the Division of Mechanical Engineering, Tohoku University. As a center of excellence in mechanical engineering, our division is an international hub where talented students and researchers with diverse backgrounds and nationalities gather to learn and create fundamental theories and cutting-edge technologies. The division has launched the “International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Course” (IMAC), in both undergraduate and post-graduate levels, where a student can learn all the subjects in English and has the opportunity to select one of the 100 laboratories for carrying out the state-of-the-art research. The division is also establishing an International Joint Graduate School in Mechanical Science and Engineering where students can learn in both the division and other overseas universities. Currently, around 200 international students from 25 countries and territories are enrolled in the division, creating a dynamic multi-cultural learning atmosphere and an active research environment.  They are the treasure of our division!

From TOHOKU University to the WORLD

Overseas training・study abroad program

We offer various overseas training or study abroad programs for students who are thinking about studying abroad and they can chose according to their needs and research goals.

Global Entrance Examination for Japanese students in autumn

Since 2017, the International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Course (IMAC-U) has accepted the enrollment of Japanese students. Students learn with international students from various countries and we have fostered global talent capable of leading researchers or engineers in projects around the world.

Graduate Program for Integration of Mechanical Systems

Study Opportunities for International Students in Tohoku University
Study Opportunities for International Students

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