MC Program for Advanced Information Technology Professionals Aerospace × Information

The program has been launched by a support project of MEXT since 2024. Any student of Department of Aerospace Engineering can participate in the program, and upon completion of the designated subjects, a certification badge will be awarded.

About the Department of Aerospace Engineering

At our department, we provide systematic education and research with the aim of pursuing study of advanced technology of aerospace mechanics in severe and under unique conditions, and thus creating aerospace systems that are to break new frontier. Our department consists of “Aeronautical Engineering” and “Astronautical Engineering” research groups. In the Aeronautical Engineering research group, the precise simulation technology based on the science of supersonic flow, new material strength, and others, are researched and developed. These productions are applied to next generation airplanes, airframe designs, and more. In the Astronautical Engineering research group, autonomous exploration robots for future space exploration, conceptualizing large scale space structures that are most often typified by space stations, and even new generation engines for spacecraft are researched. Through these projects, we are greatly contributing to elevating the core technology of future space development and research.