About the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering

The Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering aims to innovate medicine and biology by engineering based on mathematics, physics, chemistry, and so on. For the purpose, we offer the course for systematic learning of medicine and biology at molecular, cellular and organ levels through education on molecular biology and physiology, field education in hospital, and more. And we educate researchers and engineers who have creativity and advanced research skills for development and innovation of science and technology in medical and welfare field through research on medical engineering.
There are collaborative chairs with the division of mechanical engineering in the graduate school. In the collaborative chairs, we are developing essential engineering technologies for medical care and welfare based on mechanical engineering, such as microfabrication technology, semiconductor integration technology, measurement technology and numerical analysis technology. For example, we are developing wearable devices for monitoring daily health condition, therapeutic and diagnostic equipment for minimally invasive and remote therapy. In addition, we are studying on medical simulation based on biomechanics for elucidating factors of disease and designing novel medical devices.