“Traffic Jam in Brooklyn” by Marcos Silva, 2011

About the Department of Management Science and Technology

At the Department of management Science and Technology, we aim to challenge both ideas of the “issue cannot be solved by only technology” and “issue cannot be solved without technology” in society. Educating and researching from a multidisciplinary perspective about not only the improvement of component technology, but also how to do research and develop results in an engineering field that is useful and the kind of technology society needs.
Education and research fields that this department covers originally started as mechanical engineering and branched out to include engineering fields such as electrical engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering, Ergonomics, traffic engineering to liberal arts fields in economics, management science, risk management, environmental science, social science and many others. At this department, not only do we acquire the latest theory and technology through leading-edge research activities in the world in each field, but also educate students with deep knowledge, high technological aptitude, flexible mindsets, and reliable executive abilities through our unique curriculum which also includes a study tour, practical English training, and much more.