About the Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering

The advancement and development of the next generation technology are required in not only the fields of traditional mechanical engineering as energy, environment, materials, and others, but also in the several multidisciplinary academic fields such as nanotechnology, information communication, life science, and others. For the achievements in the world, we need to push back the boundaries of the conventional design concept, and it is done within our Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering.
Specific examples of future research areas on the basis of social demand include: creation of new material function and function systems that are based on micro-nano processing technology, applications for medical purposes or for the development of superior environmental feasibility energy systems and hydraulic systems, energy conversion by solar energy, hydrogen energy, geothermal energy, hydraulic power, sound wave, significant friction reduction, or the like.
Everyone who wishes to participate in this department will join in the latest research projects, solve real world problems, and cultivate the ability of problem resolution. We foster all students and hope to create the leaders in new fields in the future.