Diversity and Equity

The Division of Mechanical Engineering at Tohoku University is taking on research that is leading the world in Mechanical Engineering. We believe that science and society have developed through a diversity of values. Since Tohoku University was established, we have had an “Open Door” policy and were the first in Japan to enroll female students.
The Division of Mechanical Engineering is steadily progressing in pioneering actions for gender equality and providing an intellectually stimulating environment for everyone. We welcom all the students and the faculty who have passion, and promise to provide them with equal opportunities for success, regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity. With that promise, we are actively making an environment and enabling systems for female students, researchers/ students from abroad, or faculty who have been traditionally underrepresented, victims of misconduct, or forms of gender discrimination.
In an effort to support our initiative, the Division of Mechanical Engineering reserves a break room for female students to collaborate, rest, and study. Moreover, in every April a welcome party for new female students is held, as well as open campus events to show women led projects are held at the end of July. In March, a farewell party for graduating students and a showcase of events from female students are held.


The Division of Mechanical Engineering aims to create an enriching and fulfilling environment for supporting women.

Opportunities to socialize with other female students and faculty members via events, projects, and dedicated spaces for collaboration.
An exclusive break room for women is provided.
Usage is possible anytime with a special keycard because safety is one of our primary concerns.
In order to stay connected and informed, information regarding events and more are managed using a dedicated mailing list.

Support is also offered from the Association of Leading Women Researchers in Engineering (AlicE) and Tohoku University Enter for Gender Equality Promotion (TUMUG). Female students and researchers can study and research to their fullest in the Division of Mechanical Engineering at Tohoku University.

  • 工学系女性研究者育成支援推進室(ALicE)
  • 男女共同参画推進センター(TUMUG)
  • サイエンスエンジェル