Dear prospective students who want to enroll in the Division of Mechanical Engineering.

We promote the research and development of science technology which is essential for building a society that coexists with nature securely and safely through new machine science. It is our belief that science and engineering should be based on rationality and the ability to acquire new knowledge and create technology to contribute to improving mechanical engineering based on innovative engineering science and technical knowledge.
Within the Division of Mechanical Engineering, the basic knowledge about technology, which is necessary for research, is taught through lectures, experiments and hands-on seminars in diverse fields. Thereafter, prospective students can start to synthesize knowledge and practice to pursue and create new projects.

Please see what research and development are created with the knowledge and technology used in our department; as well as see what kind of teachers and students are in Division of Mechanical Engineering. Through this website, we hope you enjoy the wonderful world which we contiune to pioneer.

Admissions Information

Graduate School of Engineering, 4 Mechanical Engineering Departments, Admissions Information

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4 Mechanical Engineering Departments Admissions Information.

Graduate School Admissions Information (by the Graduate School of Engineering)

Please observe the following about admissions schedules and applicant guidelines:

Test procedure

【Notice】Changes in examination contents of Mathematics in Graduate school entrance examination

The examination contents of Mathematics A “Ordinary differential equation” will be transferred to the contents of Mathematics B in the graduate school entrance examination of 4 Mechanical Engineering Departments.
For more details please refer to the following.

Moreover, from entrance examination in August 2019, we require candidates to answer all questions in Mathematics A and Mathematics B, though we required candidates to choose 3 questions out of 4 in Mathematics A and 2 questions out of 3 in Mathematics B until 2018.

The range of possible questions and past examinations collection.

Regarding the examination in English.

Since 2009, the graduate school entrance examination, required prospective students to submit a TOEIC score or TOEFL score within 2 years from the administered date. However, if you are a native English speaker, please contact the office.

*Regarding the use of a TOEIC or TOEFL for the graduate school entrance examination.

The number of successful candidates

The number of successful candidates enrolled in the 4 Mechanical Engineering Departments (included Graduate School of Information Sciences and other relevant Graduate Schools) for the past 3 years.

year general entrance examination and examination for selected candidates for Master’s Course general entrance examination for Doctral Course
successful applicants from related departments successful applicants from another universities successful applicants from related departments successful applicants from another universities
2022 122 92 28 11
2021 126 74 25 12
2020 148 63 33 11

Laboratory Assignment

Assignment to a laboratory for a person who passed the general entrance examination will be decided by the questionnaire about top two desired laboratories. The questionnaire is sent together with an admission ticket for the examination. Prospective student needs to submit it in advance but on the examination date, adjustments can be made .

The laboratories recruiting new students who will enter in October.

Inquiry contact

The contact information for the 4 Mechanical Engineering Departments

The academic affairs office of the Division of Mechanical Engineering TEL:+81-22-795-7030