The world needs leaders who can innovate and hasten solutions for world problems. We believe in humans who cooperate and negotiate with one another to solve the complex problems of the future will be the leaders of tomorrow.
At the Division of Mechanical Engineering, we promote multidisciplinary programs and projects with researchers in diverse fields.
You can see the variety of programs and projects we are offering.


Leadership Education Program for Ph.D. students

We offer enriching programs for Leading Graduate Schools and cultivate talented individuals to become leaders in the world.

グローバル安全学トップリーダー育成プログラム マルチディメンジョン物質理工学リーダー養成プログラム

Division for International Joint Graduate School Programs

The Division of Mechanical Engineering has joined the Division for International Joint Graduate School Programs at Tohoku University as can be seen below. It implements joint education by spreading Tohoku University’s expertise beyond the bounds of the department and creates strong collaboration with influential universities overseas, with the aim of contributing to and cultivating global talent.

Starting International Robotics Program (IRP)

The International Robotics Program (IRP) at the International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at Tohoku University has adopted the program of students government sponsored preferential assignment by Ministry of Education.
 Eight students from foreign countries who want to study about Robotics in the School of Engineering at Tohoku University will be provided a scholarship every year. Eligible students will be selected by an entrance examination held at the student’s place of study.


Impulsing Paradigm Change through Disruptive Technologies Program(ImPACT)


Using the research results from the COI STREAM project

COI TOHOKU The center creates an increase of motivation from society by promoting the work of sensors, especially in the field of medicine.

Attached Research Center of Graduate School of Engineering

Research Center of Graduate School of Engineering

Research Center of Mechanical Engineering